‘Sancho’ is alone, training alone

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Jadon Sancho ‘s situation in the Manchester United team remains the same. And it will remain that way as long as he refuses to apologize. Eric Ten Hag

Sancho has been training alone at the academy center since the beginning of October after responding to Ten Hag on social media. After being criticized by the Dutch head coach for not practicing well enough and being left out of the squad in the 3-1 defeat to Arsenal, the

23-year-old winger was banned from using all first-team facilities. Or eat with teammates as well.

It is understood the way out of this situation is for Sancho to apologize to Tenhag — but only if he apologizes sincerely. โปรโมชั่น ufabet

Until now, the former Borussia Dortmund star has remained silent and has shown no signs of relenting. Despite the efforts of club seniors and team-mates,

he has spent the past six-and-a-half weeks training alone. And there is a growing feeling that even apologizing may not change the situation much. It may also not be accepted by Ten Hag as well.

If this matter cannot be concluded, Manchester United will listen to the offer to release this England forward in January. In fact, the “

Red Devils” are ready. Accepted an offer of around £45m last summer. And now he may be willing to lend him out in the upcoming winter market. Especially if there is an option to buy out as well.