Ronaldo reveals that he will not return to Europe

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Cristiano Ronaldo smiles as a trendsetter, opens the Saudi Pro League world before many stars will follow this summer, ready to say that in the next 1 year it will become a better league than Eredivisie. Netherlands Divisi or Turkish Super Lig

Cristiano Ronaldo, Al-Nasser ‘s superstar striker, has revealed that he will not be returning to Europe in the future. With the age of anam approaching Lak Si, waiting for the Chaengwattana red light Ready to confirm that he was right when he came to the Pro League Saudi Arabia Which he gave to be a better league than MLS USA and in the next 1 year will become a better league than the Netherlands Eredivisie or the Turkish Super League as well

Ronaldo opened the Saudi Pro League market with a move from Manchester United to join Al-Nasser at the start of the year before the Pro League teams swept away this summer. big Got dozens of famous football stars from European leagues to reinforce the army. ยููฟ่าเบท

“I will never go back to European football again. The door is completely closed,” said the Portuguese national team captain. “I’m 38 and European football is of very high quality. Especially with the Premier League, they are quite a distance away from other leagues.

“My decision to join the Saudi team played a 100 per cent role in bringing top players here. This is a fact.”

“When I moved to Juventus, Serie A was drying up. But it revived a lot after I signed, wherever Cristiano goes, the interest there will always grow a lot.”

A few days ago, Lionel Messi made his Inter Miami debut and Ronaldo said: “The Saudi league is better than MLS. They criticized me for choosing to come to the Saudi league. But what happened now? I was the one who opened the doors for the Saudi league. And now all the players are heading here.

“In the next year Top players will come to Saudi More and more, in one year, the Saudi league will surpass the Turkish and Dutch leagues.”

“A lot of players who come here. Not as old as the president of UEFA said, for example, Jota and Ruben Neves who are young.