Evans still hopes play at the top level. Even though he’s still not sure

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Evans still hopes to play at the top level. Even though he’s still not sure he’ll stay with Manchester United next season.

  • Evans rejoined Manchester United last season.
  • He is a child of the Red Devils and has starte playing in the first team since 2007.

Jonny Evans, defender, Manchester United and Northern Ireland Believe. That he can still develop himself as a player to play at the top level.

Evans, 36, has just finished his contract with Manchester United and is still waiting to discuss his future with the club over a new deal. Or they will part ways when the contract expires at the end of June.

“I love football. I had an injury problem before last season. I really miss playing football when I’m not playing football. I’m trying to get it back สมัคร ufabet and be able to play again. I love playing, but as you get older it becomes a little more difficult to train. But the game still exists. The adrenaline is still what we get from playing games.”

“At the end of the game it will be a time where we analyze ourselves. I still feel like I can improve as a player. I still have things to learn. That’s the biggest thing that keeps me going. I still believe I can still be better.”

Evans still plays with the Northern Ireland national team. Who has been with the national team since 2006 and is preparing to play in a warm-up game against the Spanish national team.