Carra reveals the name of one player Manchester United chose to join Liverpool.

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Legendary Liverpool defender Jamie Carragher has revealed a list of Manchester United players. He would not hesitate in choosing to join the Reds.

The Reds are currently top of the Premier League. They are 2 points ahead of Arsenal. While Manchester United are in 6th place, struggling to compete for the top four. UFABET

The league position is a sign of the times between the two great rivals. Even though United only beat Liverpool in the FA Cup last month.

However, when asked in the latest episode of The Overlap Fan Debate which United player Carragher would take to Liverpool. The former defender offered one name.

Carragher, 46, believes there is room in the Liverpool squad for youngster Cobbie Mainu.

Responding to a fan’s question, Carragher said: “I think I’ll take the youngster Mainu.”

“At his age He is number one. I think he looks like a superstar and he could really become a superstar.”

For Mainu, it is one of the stories of this season. He just made his first start for the Red Devils in November. But since then He has played 24 matches for United and has made such an impression that. He has already made his debut for the England senior team.