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    Hot Women Missionary


    Dating to Save People from Hell


    Hot Women meet Hot Guys to bring them to the Love of Christ!


    Hello, my name is Tamara! As you can probably tell, I'm a Christian woman who loves Jesus Christ and cares for all humans, even the wicked. What you probably don't know is that I'm hot. My picture below isn't really that good. I want to use my beauty for GOD, and want to encourage Christian women (my sisters in Christ) to do the same, according to the Great Commission.

    Calling all Hot Women of the LORD!!!

    So, I created this web page for information regarding the calling of Missionary Dating. First of all, it helps that you're good looking. Romans 12:1 says "to offer your bodies as living sacrifices." Since our bodies are the temple of the Holy Spirit (1 Cor. 6:19), it makes sense that we should use our beautiful bodies to glorify HIS name, the Holy Spirit will work the strongest since He's in our body, right? That's the best position to be in!

    Not only can we date hot guys (as only hot Christian girls could do), but hopefully we can lead them to God and help them get saved them from the burning fires of Hell. I've outlined a few tips to help you get a date off to the right start, step-by-step. Jesus saves through hooking up with cute heathen guys!

    Also, if you believe in this evangelistic dating ministry and feel led to support it, I have a few shirts and other stuff you can get to show your support. Click Here (thanks to Jeff for the cool pictures and setting up the store. He was my 3rd missionary date. I don't love him anymore, but Jesus still does). Oh, also thanks to Tony and Don for helping me put together this web page for me. Sorry for being so internet dumb. He's so darling. Remember, Jesus loves you!


    Notice on the top right of this page you'll see my latest thought - or dating experience - on this web thing called twitter! My bud Don showed me how to use it, you can call me a geek now... ha! Oh, yeah... I think I'm getting rid of my email list, since I'm so terrible at giving my date updates over email. This Twitter might be easier because I can even put an update up over the phone while I'm ON a date - how super is that?